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Florida Man Beats 4-Month-Old Puppy To Death, Calls It 'Discipline'

A Gainesville, Florida, man was charged with animal cruelty after beating a four-month old puppy to death, later claiming it was to “discipline” the pup.

Meldwige Gregoire, 24, was arrested on Friday after the forensic necropsy showed that the puppy suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured femur, six broken rib heads where the ribs connect to the spine, two broken ribs, severe brain hemorrhage, a broken bone above the left eye, multiple broken teeth, its right eye protruding from the socket, and bruising on its head, back, and neck. The cause of death is blunt force and deliberate trauma.

Gregoire and his girlfriend adopted the puppy from the Alucha County Animal Services on June 11th. It was healthy and had no injuries at the time of adoption. He returned it to Animal Services just two days later wrapped in a towel, saying the dog had died in its crate. The employees of Animal Services noticed right away that the puppy had experienced severe trauma.

When questioned by police, Gregoire said that he intentionally stomped on the puppy’s back legs, kicked it, hit it in the head, and slammed it into walls as he pulled it by its leash. He told officers that these actions were to “discipline” the puppy.

Sources: Examiner, Gainesville Sun

Photo Credit: Examiner


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