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Florida Man Attempts To Carjack Vehicle Occupied By Plainclothes Detectives

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Florida man Dominique Albert was arrested on Thursday after he attempted to carjack a vehicle occupied by plainclothes detectives.

Albert approached the car in St. Petersburg, Florida, around 9:45 p.m. and yanked open the passenger door. He then leaned into the car while holding a steak knife in his right hand.

Although Detective Daniel Torok was initially startled by the assault, he and another officer quickly took action.

“Police!” Torok shouted.

Torok then aimed his handgun at Albert, who was free on bond in connection to a shoplifting arrest, and who then turned away to flee on foot.

Torok and his partner chased Albert, who dropped his knife, and who put up a short fight before being taken into custody. Albert continued to struggle until a backup officer tasered him.

Two other large, fixed blade knives were found following a police search of Albert’s belongings.

Albert was charged with carjacking, resisting arrest and aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer. He is currently in jail on $170,000 bond.

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