Florida Man Arrested for Sexually Abusing His Dog


James Bull was recently arrested for allegedly sexually abusing his dog at his Daytona Beach, Fla. apartment.

Bull was arrested yesterday after neighbors claimed he molested the 8-month-old female dog multiple times, notes the Orlando Sentinel.

According to the police report: “Both witnesses claim that they can hear the animal crying and yelping through the walls of the apartment, but not when she is chained up on the porch."

Bull reportedly “pulled up his pants and put the dog down” when he saw a neighbor watching him.

The dog, which lacked water and food, was taken to the Halifax Humane Society for veterinary care.

Bull has been charged with animal cruelty and is being held at the Volusia County jail on a $15,000 bond, reports ClickOrlando.com.

Sources:ClickOrlando.com and Orlando Sentinel


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