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Florida Man Arrested For Attempted Battery on Jogger

A man who tried to kidnap and sexually assault a jogger in Lakeland, Florida, in May has been arrested and held without bail by Lakeland Police.

37-year-old William McGee has been charged with kidnapping and attempted sexual battery. According to spokesman Brian Haas of the State Attorney’s Office, McGee could face life in prison if convicted.

The crime happened on May 19th around 11 p.m. when the victim went for a late jog around Lake Hollingsworth. She told police that as she was jogging, she noticed somebody following behind her and tried to speed up. After a while, she slowed down and the attacker got closer to her. She said she moved to the side of the trail to let him pass, but the man wrapped his arm around her neck and covered her mouth. The man then threw her to the ground and pulled her into a wooded area. She told police that she hit her head on the pavement.

According to reports, the man said to her, “why are you running by yourself at night? You deserve this.”

He then attempted to pull off the victim’s shorts, but she crossed her legs and fought it. She tried to talk to the man calmly, telling him about her life and that her mother needs her.

The attacker and victim walked back to the trail together and the woman took off running to her car, where she called 911.

McGee was arrested and brought to the Polk County Jail.

Sources: WFLA 8, The Ledger

Photo Credit: WFLA 8


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