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Florida Man Arrested For Attacking Man He Thought Was Jesus Asks Judge For Atheist Public Defender

A Florida man arrested for attacking his roommate with a butter knife because he mistook him for Jesus Christ is asking an Orange County judge to supply him with an atheist public defender.

Gustav Potthoff, 51, can’t afford his own attorney.

"It's just my human rights and everything else," he told the judge. "I'm allowed to be with someone of my own kind."

Potthoff is an atheist.

When the judge suggested an agnostic attorney, Potthoff said that won’t do.

"It's a sacrilegious thing," he told the judge.

The judge told Potthoff that if he has to have an atheist attorney he’ll have to pay for it himself.

Potthoff was arrested after he allegedly threw a glass at his roommate, Raymond Hernandez, while he was watching television. The glass missed and shattered against a wall. That’s when Potthoff allegedly grabbed a butter knife and went after him, Hernandez told deputies.

Pottthoff denies throwing the glass.

Sources: UPI, Orlando Sentinel


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