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Florida Man Arrested For Animal Cruelty After Video Surfaces Of Horse Whipping (Video)

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A Florida man is facing animal cruelty charges after a video surfaced online of him whipping his horse.

According to reports, authorities were alerted to the video (shown below) by the suspect himself, James Sharpe, after he found the video online. Sharpe called authorities to tell them that they should not believe people who claimed the man whipping the horse in the video was him. 

Upon further investigation, police determined that it was, in fact, Sharpe in the video brutally whipping the animal. He is reportedly the owner of an Okeechobee horse farm called Prarie Trail Riders, where the video was filmed.

All 11 horses on the farm were found to be malnourished when authorities searched the location. Local Animal Care and Control officials promptly took the horses into custody. 

Sharpe was subsequently arrested and charged with 11 counts of animal cruelty, eight of which are felonies.

Sources: WPBF, YouTube

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