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Florida Man Arrested for Accidentally Shooting a 17-Year-Old Boy

A man in Seminole, Florida has now been arrested after accidentally shooting a 17-year-old boy he was caring for.

17-year-old Taylor Titus left his home around 9 p.m. on Sunday without telling his caretakers James Harrison Wolf, 55, and Nancy Wolf, 56. He returned home not long after midnight, just as James Wolf was locking up to go to bed.

Wolf heard a noise coming from the back of the house and realized that someone was trying to enter through the back door. He got out his gun and warned the person to freeze. When the figure started to move towards him, Harrison shot his gun and struck him. He immediately realized it was Titus, and the boy was rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Now, Wolf has been arrested and is being held at Pinellas County Jail. Wolf has prior convictions, so he is now being charged with one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Reports also show that Wolf is a registered sex offender. He is being held on $7,500 bond.


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