Man Denied Pain Meds Chokes Physician's Assistant With Stethoscope

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A Florida man allegedly choked a physician’s assistant with a stethoscope after he refused to give him the pain medicine he wanted, according to Sarasota sheriff’s deputies.

John Connolly, 52, is facing charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon for the alleged attack, according to the deputies.

The incident occurred in the Sarasota Family Medical Walk-In Clinic at around 10:45 AM on Monday.

Connolly, unhappy with his current pain medication, requested that his medicine be upgraded. However, the physician’s assistant denied his request and told him a doctor would be unable to see him.

After the denial, Connolly allegedly became angry and began to yell obscenities in the clinic, according to the Tampa Tribune.

The man continued to curse and yell swear words until he was asked to leave the area.

Connolly did leave the area momentarily before returning. He then approached the physician’s assistant who denied his upgrade, grabbed the stethoscope around his neck, and began to choke him with it, according to The Tampa Tribune.

A bystander was able to pull Connolly off of the medical professional.

Connolly later admitted to attacking the physician’s assistant and was arrested.

He is being held without bond.  

Connolly is a resident of Englewood, Florida.

Source: TBO, The NY Daily News

Photo Credit: TBO, WikiCommons


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