Man Allegedly Murdered His Ex-Girlfriend And Her Family; Used Their Credit Card To Buy Shovel, Pizza

A Florida man is charged with killing his ex-girlfriend, her parents and her new boyfriend and then using the victim’s credit card to purchase a shovel to bury the bodies and buy pizza for her autistic son.

Pasco County officials say Adam Matos, 28, fatally shot Megan Brown, 27, and her father 52-year-old Gregory Brown. Her mother 51-year-old Margaret Brown suffered severe head trauma and had a plastic bag over her face. Brown’s new boyfriend Nicholas Leonard, 37, was bludgeoned to death.

After the murders, Matos allegedly cared for the 4-year-old autistic son he had with Brown. He told neighbors the Brown family was on vacation and used his ex’s debit card to buy pizza for the boy, Ismael “Tristan” Santisteban.

Police say he sold the family’s six dogs through Craigslist, making $50 a dog.

Investigators believe the family was killed on Aug. 28 and that Matos lived at the home with the corpses for a week. He allegedly used Brown’s debit card to buy a shovel at Walmart to bury the bodies near the house.

Police visited the Brown’s home on Sept. 4 after a concerned friend reported that she could not get in touch with any of the Brown's.

When officers arrived they reportedly saw birds circling the air and found decomposing bodies on a nearby hill.

Matos was arrested at a Tampa hotel on Sept. 5. His son was in his custody and unharmed.

Matos was charged with four counts of first-degree murder on Monday. He also faces charges of aggravated assault and being a fugitive from Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he left while on probation.

He is being held without bond.

Sources: New York Daily News, Tampa Bay Times

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Kristine Paulus, Pasco County Sheriff's Office


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