Florida Man Allan Linn Jonas Arrested After Lighting His House on Fire 60 Times


A man in Florida was arrested on charges of arson for allegedly starting 60 fires in his own home.

Allan Linn Jonas, 49, of New Port Richey, has had a recent history of arson related arrests, including one earlier last month where he set a house on fire and a person who lived there had to escape.

The incident with the 60 fires in his home occurred in June, when authorities say he set fires on 60 different spots in his home, four in his car, and 17 outside his home. Neighbors reportedly took video of Jonas pouring gasoline on a fire that was lit outside of his home in June, and after that initial incident, he was questioned by police and subsequently released.

Now, as Jonas is a person of interest in two more arson cases, as well as the numerous other messes he has been involved with recently, authorities have again arrested him for starting fires. He has been charged with multiple counts of second-degree arson.

While initial reports claimed that Jonas was still in jail as of Tuesday, other reports say that the man was released form Land O’ Lakes jail on Tuesday after posting $45,000 bail.


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