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Police: Florida Man Threw One Liter Of Urine On Police Officer

Police arrested a Florida man for allegedly throwing urine on an officer.

On the morning of Sept. 22, 40-year-old Alfonsa Loftin was at his house when a Palm Beach County deputy stopped by to respond to a call, the Palm Beach Post reported.

It is unknown what the call was regarding, but when the officer arrived, Loftin threw a liter of urine at his mouth and eyes, the deputy reported.

Police say in the incident report that Loftin deliberately attempted to harm the deputy. The police report referred to the fluid a "deadly weapon," since it can cause respiratory infection or permanent bodily harm.

After he flung the fluid at the deputy, Loftin reportedly barricaded himself inside his home, and the officer called for backup. The police tried to negotiate with the man for several hours, to no avail. After some time, the deputies were eventually able to kick a hole into Loftin's residence and fire a stun gun at the suspect's thigh, immobilizing him.

The officers reportedly busted through the door with a police dog to apprehend the 6-foot-3, 300 pound man. Loftin, however, tossed more urine at the deputies and flailed his arms while they tried to handcuff him. During this time, Loftin also grabbed the K-9's head and refused to let go, the police report states.

Using a "dry stun" on the suspect's arm, thigh and hip, the officers were able to neutralize Loftin and get him to release the K-9 before they took him into custody.

It is unclear whether or not the urine was his and where he obtained it.

Officers booked Loftin in Palm Beach County Jail.

Loftin faces several charges of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence. He refused to appear in court for an arraignment hearing the day after his arrest.

Sources: Yahoo News, Palm Beach Post, WPBF
Photo Credit: Palm Beach County Jail


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