Florida: Homeowner interrupts Heathrow robbery attempt


Homeowner interrupts Heathrow robbery attempt

When Richard Zahn heard noises on his back patio, he opened his sliding glass door and grabbed his shotgun.

Then he chased after two men who ran out his back gate toward a lake. And the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office gave chase in its own way — with a K9 unit and helicopter unit, according to an incident report from the Sheriff’s Office.

Zahn, who lives in the Burlington Oaks subdivision of Heathrow, came home on Tuesday and discovered his month-old, 42-inch Samsung television had been moved and wasn’t working properly, the Sheriff’s Office said.

That night, according to the Sheriff’s Office, two men moved some metal shelves beneath the TV out of the way. They also removed wine glasses and placed them on a nearby bench.

The two men used a 12-foot ladder to remove the TV from its wall-mounted bracket, the Sheriff’s Office said.

On their way out of the patio — about 2:30 a.m. — the men knocked over the metal shelves. Zahn told investigators he “heard a loud banging of metal on concrete” and discovered two men with his TV in their hands, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Zahn told deputies the men were about 6 feet tall and wore dark jeans or sweatpants and dark, hooded sweatshirts, the Sheriff’s Office said. One of the men was white; the other could have been white.

Zahn’s wife called 911 as he chased after the men, the Sheriff’s Office said.

A police dog provided no conclusive results, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Neighbors in Heathrow said they heard the helicopter unit and saw lights being used from the helicopter.

The two men remain at large, the Sheriff’s Office said.

For Zahn, the episode has a positive ending so far: He got his TV back. It was recovered at the shoreline of the lake.



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