Florida Home Owner's Association Prohibits Kids From Playing In Street


A homeowner’s association in Florida has prohibited children from playing in the street, much to the dissatisfaction of the neighborhood parents.

The Lakewood Ranch HOA Board and Committee members insist that the bylaw, which was passed last week, will create a safer environment for children. There’s only one road that goes through the community, which is windy and known for speedy drivers.

“We're trying to make it safe for those people who have kids in the community,” HOA Board member Bill said, “and they should be the ones that should be happy about that, not upset.”

HOA Board member Tony Olender added that there are other places for kids to play throughout the community. The motto of the neighborhood is live, work and play, and Olender insists there are places to go to do that.

Mother of two Anne Sofie Hait said she is appalled by the bylaw, and questioned where her kids were supposed to play. She expressed concerns that her kids would not remain active with the new rule, and would instead remain inside playing video games.

“We all want our kids to be outside,” Hait said. “We don't want them on iPads and you know, video games.”

The HOA Board has yet to set a fine for breaking the new rule.

Sources: ABC, News Observer


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