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Florida Police Discover Teen's Alleged Mass Shooting, Bombing Plot

A bomb threat made on Twitter leads to a police investigation; what the police discovered was even more shocking.

“One million retweets and I’ll blow up the school,” the 15-year-old male Florida student, tweeted, according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. Due to his age, the suspect's name will not be used in this article.

The teen tweeted the threat from the nurse’s office at New Smyrna Beach High School on Sep. 4, WFTV reports.

He deleted the tweet within minutes and followed it up with an image of his throat. He explained that he had strep throat, which led to suicidal thoughts.

Following the tweet bomb threat, police decided to investigate the teen. Although the 15-year-old denied plotting any violence against the school, he was arrested on Oct. 5, according to Volusia County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Andrew Gant. He was also expelled from school.

The teen was charged with four counts of making threats to discharge a destructive device and one count of making written threats to kill or do harm.

When investigators seized his phone, they discovered a statement that he had written noting that school administrators and first responders “always forget the explosives.” The teen had also illustrated the construction of a pipe bomb within the high school.

Police also discovered that the teen had studied videos of the Columbine High School shooting and posted pictures of himself with a BB gun.

Although bomb-making material was not found in his home, police said that he had access to it.

He was under the care of an outpatient behavioral health program but on Oct. 6, he was booked at a Daytona Beach juvenile detention center.

Sources: The Blaze, Conservative Critic, WFTV

Photo Credit: WFTV


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