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Fifth-Grader With Hit List Spikes Water With Bleach

A fifth-grader in Florida allegedly tried to poison her classmate and had a kill list of other students to target in her possession.

Police are investigating whether the girl, who attends Lewis Elementary School in Temple Terrace, intentionally tried to poison the student’s water bottle on May 13, WTSP reports.

Another student at the school told the station the girl had a hit list with his name on it.

“This is an elementary school, sometimes they don't know the consequences to what they do,” the boy’s father, Omar Vazquez said.

Police do believe the girl intentionally brought bleach to school and poured it into her classmate’s water bottle.

When the victim drank from the bottle, she told her teacher the water tasted funny. The teacher, not realizing the bottle had been opened prior to the girl drinking from it and therefore unaware of the danger it posed, simply told her to throw it away.

The victim did not become ill from drinking the bleach.

It was days later before a student came forward and said the water bottle had bleach intentionally put into it.

“That could've ended something terrible, bleach?," Ashley Brown, the mother of a student said. "No! That's crazy, that's scary."

The principal of the school sent parents the following text and call in response to the incident:

Hello, this is Delilah Rabeiro, principal of Lewis Elementary. We were made aware of an alleged threat against students at our school.  We immediately contacted law enforcement.

Temple Terrace police and the State Attorney’s Office are investigating. We have identified the student involved, and law enforcement in the State Attorney’s Office are handling the situation. Our students and staff are all safe. I will update you as I receive more information. Thank you.

The girl has been removed from the school, and she may face charges of premeditated attempted murder or manslaughter, criminal conspiracy and poisoning with the intent to injure or kill, according to police reports.

“That's charges, that's jail time as an adult, because that's an adult move,” Brown told WTSP.

A motive in the case has not been established, the Palm Beach Post reports.

Sources: WTSP, Palm Beach Post / Photo credit: Ricardo Bernardo/Flickr

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