Florida Father Who Kicked Son Down Skateboard Ramp Says ‘It Was A Bonehead Decision’

A Florida father who kicked his son down a skateboard ramp last month attempted to apologize on Monday, calling it a “boneheaded decision.”

Marcus Crossland, 27, and his wife Emily went on the “Today” show to discuss the video of the father kicking his son Dino, 6, off a 13-foot platform.

The family, of Jacksonville, Fla., said Crossland lost his job and they are now moving to a different home as a result of the uproar.

“It was a bonehead decision,” Crossland said. “It was an effort to help him but it didn't come across that way... I'm sorry I used that tactic as opposed to another.”

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The 27-year-old explained his actions were “my poor attempt at trying to help him overcome his fear,” adding that “because of a decision I made, my wife and my children and everybody has got to deal with it.”

His wife Emily said that what has happened has been confusing for her 6-year-old son.

‘"It's something I tried to shield him from,” she said. “He knows he's been on the news. But he is doing wonderful, he's happy and he's healthy.”

The mother said that her husband’s actions on April 27 were unacceptable, but that it was an isolated incident.

“Nothing like that has ever happened before, there is nothing behind closed doors,” she said. “He’s a really great dad, he loves his family, he’s a good person.”

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According to jacksonville.com, police and the State Attorney’s Office are still investigating the case and there hasn’t been an arrest. The Department of Children and Families declined to discuss this specific case.

The video caused public outrage after it was posted on Instagram by teenage skater IGersJax, who told First Coast News that he asked Crossland why he kicked his son so hard.

“He said ‘because he needs to learn.’ I was like ‘pushing him down is not teaching him how to drop in.’ And then he said ‘Do you think you can raise him better than me?’ and I said yes,” the 13-year-old said.

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Skate park operator, Martin Ramos, told First Coast News that Crossland and Dino are regulars at the park, but he’s never seen the father act that way before.

“He said he was just caught up in the moment. He seemed very remorseful. He certainly understands the gravity of the situation and it seems like he is going to be answering to this thing for quite some time to come,” Ramos said. “Unfortunately parents get so enthusiastic about their kids and their abilities in skateboarding, or baseball, or football or whatever and sometimes they take it a little too far.”

Ramos reportedly asked Crossland to keep away from Kona State Park for a while.

He told ActionNews that Dino wasn’t hurt and continued to skate after the fall.

Watch footage of the incident below:


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