This Is No Ordinary Kidnapping

Florida police have been on the hunt for a missing two-year-old who disappeared without a trace two weeks ago. Sunrise Police suspect that Lily Abigail Everett may be the victim of a kidnapping by her own mother.

The child’s mother, Megan Elizabeth Everett, shares custody with the father, Robert Baumann. Baumann was supposed to pick up Lily on May 13th, per their agreement—but neither his daughter nor his ex-wife were home.

"Carlos answers the door, which is her boyfriend, and says she moved and slams the door in my face,” Baumann told NBC Miami.

Megan reportedly left a handwritten note that clearly indicated her motive.

“She said that if I let them take her and vaccinate her and brainwash her; she says I cannot let a judge tell me how to raise my daughter,” Baumann said.

The couple disagreed about child-raising practices, including whether to vaccinate Lily. Baumann also said that Everett and her boyfriend had exposed Lily to weapons and taken her to protests, calling the couple “extremists.”

"Her and her boyfriend are part of an organization called the Virginia Flaggers Confederate Origination, and to me they are extremist," Baumann told WSVN. "They've taken my daughter and taken her to protest where a two-year-old does not belong in a Confederate protest."

 “I fear for her safety and I just want her to come home safe,” the worried father said.

“I’m hoping they’re still in the state, but I really believe she could be anywhere from Georgia to Virginia to Canada.”

Police believe that kidnapping was planned and that Everett is trying to conceal her and Lily’s identities. They have issued a warrant for her arrest.

Sources: NBC Miami, WSVN


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