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Florida Family Discovers 'Pirate Treasure' In Attic

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A family in Tampa, Florida, discovered something unusual in the attic while doing spring cleaning.

Maria Lopez found a box that belonged to her grandfather. It contained a map, old coins, an old wedding picture and a skeletal hand with a ring on its finger, reports USA Today.

“I was totally blown away,” Mike Lopez, Maria’s brother, said. “Maybe my great-grandparents were pirates.”

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Mike said his grandfather used to tell him stories about his great grandfather, Ernesto, reports TheBlaze. According to family legend, Ernesto had discovered pirate treasure that belonged to Jose Gaspar, a buccaneer known as Gasparilla.

The pirate allegedly staged a violent mutiny on a Spanish war ship around 1783 and settled in Florida. He and his crew were known to be greedy and “gory” outlaws of the sea.

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In an effort to find out more information, Mike took the box to several antique shops. He found that the map and coins were made no later than the 1920s. The coins were too thin to be Spanish or older than about 100 years old. According to one expert, the mummified hand likely belonged to a monkey.

Maria says her great grandfather either made an elaborate pirate hoax or actually found pirate treasure. But there’s no way to know for sure.

Sources: The Blaze, USA Today

Photo Credit: USA Today


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