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Florida Woman Discovers 300-Pound Alligator On Front Porch (Photos)

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A Florida family received the shock of a lifetime when they woke up on Wednesday morning to discover a 9-foot, 300-pound alligator on their front porch.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission working in conjunction with St. Petersburg police officers went to the home of Annette Garcia to deal with the incident at hand.

According to her, she was in bed on Wednesday morning when she heard a large sound outside of her family’s home. When she discovered the alligator she reportedly woke up her family. Outside were law enforcement officials who warned her not to go outside.

After trapping the alligator, they discovered that the animal was around 20 years old and about 300 pounds. It also reportedly had blood on its mouth. 

“Once [they] got him on the trailer, he said we could come out, so that’s when I came out and started taking pictures," Garcia told WFLA. "Thank God someone did see him because normally we’re out at that time going to work.”

“I’d be walking out the door to go to work," she added. "And I just say ‘thank God’ because by someone seeing it—I would have walked up on that not knowing he was out there.”

The alligator has since been taken to a local farm. 

Source: NBC, FOX

Photo Credit: FOX


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