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'That Is Child Abuse': Family Caught On Camera Piling Kids Into Car Trunk (Video)

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A family in Florida was caught on video piling children into the trunk of a car outside of a pizza restaurant, sparking national outrage and prompting an investigation.

The woman who uploaded the video to Facebook detailed her reaction to the scene outside of a Jacksonville CiCi’s Pizza restaurant on Thursday. The woman reportedly noticed the family of seven after they parked and began exiting a white Sedan. At least two people were spotted getting out of the car’s trunk.

The woman – shocked and in disbelief – decided to wait until the family left to make sure she saw what she thought she did. Sure enough, the family gathered around the car after leaving the restaurant and at least two children climbed into the trunk.

“Must watch!!! I thought I was seeing this wrong while I'm in Ci Ci's [sic] pizza and this car rolled up, parked, and 4 people got out the trunk!” the uploader wrote alongside the video. “So I sat, ate, and waited for them to leave and NO my eyes wasn't [sic] deceiving me!”

Within days of the incident, the video went viral and garnered nearly 1.5 million views.

“That is child abuse,” resident Hyseline McKinzy told 13 WMAZ after viewing the shocking video. “I've never seen anything like that in my life. That is awful.

“Oh Lord. They should take them to jail,” she added. “They need to find them.”

McKinzy, a mother of six and a grandmother, said she felt concerned for the children’s safety after watching the video.

“It's very dangerous they could suffocate back there in the back like that,” she said. “They're not getting any air. Right in the open so that means they do it a lot.”

According to 13 WMAZ, the Department of Children and Families identified the family in the video but has yet to release their information. The DFC, as well as local law enforcement, is investigating the incident. “We are talking about serious safety concerns as it pertains to the video,” a DFC spokesman said.

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