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Florida Dog Euthanized After Reportedly Getting Dragged Behind Car (Photo)

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A Florida dog was reportedly dragged by a car and severely injured on Saturday, according to the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

Animal rescuers found the dog in Clewiston, Florida, after she was discovered on the side of the road. All four of her paws were scraped down to the bone. She also had multiple bone fractures and a ripped underbelly. In Facebook pictures, a trail of blood can be seen near where the rescuers found her.

According to animal rescuers, the dog may have just had puppies.

“Everybody has been posting it,” Clewiston resident Eric Poulson said. “People that don’t even live in Clewiston anymore are posting it and sharing it on Facebook.”

Poulson noted that he’s never seen anything like the dog before. The resident added that the pictures were particularly disturbing since he's also the owner of five dogs.

“This was torture,” Poulson said. “Somebody just wanted to have some sick fun I guess.”

After the dog was rescued, her caretakers at the shelter named her Aaliyah. Since she was rescued, residents have donated more than $1,600 in an effort to find out who injured her.

On Saturday, rescuers decided to euthanize Aaliyah after they concluded that her experience had been too traumatic for the dog to continue. Members of the humane society stayed by her side until she passed away.

Currently, the Public Information Officer for the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office cannot confirm whether or not Aaliyah was actually dragged. They are currently investigating into how she was injured. An $8,000 reward has been offered to anyone with information that could lead to an arrest. 

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Sources: WPTV, HLN / Photo Credit: WTPV


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