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Florida Woman Sets Dog on Fire, Then The Dog Sets Her Husband on Fire

A Florida man suffered second-degree burns trying to save a dog that his wife had set on fire.

According to Miami’s NBC affiliate, the incident began on Tuesday when Telma Botcherby, 50, attempted to kill a live tick she discovered on the floor with a lighter.

The family dog, Ruby, who had just been treated with flammable flea and tick spray, became startled and lunged towards where Botcherby was trying to burn the tick. Her fur then ignited, officials said.

When Botcherby screamed, her husband, Jess Olivas, picked up Ruby and jumped into the pool at his Parkland home. Before he landed in the pool, Olivas was also briefly engulfed in flames.

Olivas was taken to North Broward Hospital with burns to nearly 25 percent of his body, primarily on his arm, chest and face. He was later transferred to Jackson Memorial as a trauma alert for treatment of his second-degree burns.

CBS Miami reported that deputies and fire rescue workers tried to find a veterinary hospital that would treat Ruby, while Olivas was being treated.

However, the family did not have enough money to immediately take the dog to an emergency clinic, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Ruby was taken to Dr. Peter’s Animal Hospital the next day for treatment free of charge. She is still recovering at the animal hospital with nearly all her fur singed.

The dog was treated for abdomen and leg injuries.

”We know that she’s shaking,” Dr. Peter Krolikowski told CBS. “She’s definitely reluctant to sit down, so just the mere aspect of sitting down for her is very painful.”


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