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Deputy Breaks Into Home And Steals Old Man's Drugs (Video)

Deputy Breaks Into Home And Steals Old Man's Drugs (Video) Promo Image

A Florida sheriff's deputy has been caught on surveillance cameras stealing drugs from a dead man's home.

Jason Cooke, a Palm Beach County deputy, was arrested Oct. 19, reports the Daily Mail. He was charged with burglary and grand theft with a firearm.

He is accused of stealing the drugs, money, and jewelry from the home of 85-year-old Moe Rosoff, a resident of Boynton Beach.

On Sept. 12, authorities received a call from Rosoff's family members, asking them to check on the elderly man, according to WPLG, the Daily Mail reports. 

Three deputies responded, and found Rosoff unconscious. He was on the floor of his bedroom, and was assumed to have fallen and hit his head during a power outage that resulted from Hurricane Irma. 

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Rosoff was taken to a local hospital where he later died. 

Cooke was not one of the deputies who responded to the call, but investigators say that he broke into the house after the scene was cleared.

The family reported Cooke to authorities on Sept. 20 after viewing the surveillance footage, which showed Cooke going through cabinets in the house and putting several items in his pockets. 

"Unfortunately sometimes an employee makes a bad decision which leads to misconduct," said the sheriff's office in a statement issued following Cooke's arrest, as quoted by WPBF. "This misconduct was reported, investigated and subsequently determined to be criminal in nature, resulting in the charges."

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The video was released by Rosoff's family on Oct. 24.

"This video shows Officer Cooke entering our father's house, in a gated retirement community, through the garage door and going directly to the Master Bedroom, where we believe he stole money and jewelry," the family said in a statement to the media. 

"He then goes to the kitchen where he steals several medications," the statement added. "We were told that Officer Cooke denied the crime at first, but after he was shown the video he admitted the crimes."

Other prescription drugs were found in Cooke's patrol car that didn't belong to Rosoff, said the family, prompting them to believe he allegedly targeted other houses, as well.

Cooke was placed on house arrest after posting $28,000 bail. The judge decreed that he relinquish all of his weapons and undergo substance abuse treatment.

Sources: Daily Mail, WPBF / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: WPLG via Daily Mail

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