Florida Deputies Accused Of Using Excessive Force, Punching Man (Video)

Two Broward County deputies were caught on a surveillance video allegedly using excessive force on a man at a Deerfield Beach, Fla. gas station.

According to CBS Miami, deputies claim that David Gonzales (pictured) was violent, belligerent and resisting arrest, but the video (below) shows another story.

On the video, Gonzales is violently punched in the face by a deputy and thrown face-first onto the pavement where he is handcuffed.

Gonzales reportedly suffered facial fractures and a black eye. The incident happened in February, but the video has just now been released.

The gas station manager claims that Gonzales was drunk and tried to steal candy as well as beer. The manager called police and asked them to give Gonzales a trespassing warning, but when the two deputies arrived, all hell broke loose.

The deputies, Justin Lambert and Mike Manresa, claimed in their report that Gonzales resisted arrest, so they pushed him against a wall, but he "pushed his body forward."

"[Gonzales] didn't fight back," one witness told CBS Miami. "He didn't resist or anything... They beat him up pretty bad."

Gonzales was charged with resisting arrest.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel claims he just heard about the possible police brutality this week because the use-of-force report was not forwarded to him.

Deputy Lambert has a prior record of police brutality, which Broward County had to pay a $350,000 settlement for.

"[The deputies] will come to work and get paid, but they will work a desk assignment, with no law enforcement powers at all [during the the internal investigation]," Sheriff Israel told the Sun-Sentinel.

"You can't judge the situation by a three-second video," added Broward County Police Benevolent Association President Jeffrey Marano. "We're confident they'll be exonerated."

Sources: CBS Miami and Sun-Sentinel


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