Florida Couple Wakes Up To Find 8-Foot Alligator Taking A Dip In Backyard Pool (PHOTOS)

A Florida couple was surprised to find an unwelcome visitor swimming in their backyard pool Thursday morning.

Sharon Bente woke up around 4 a.m. and came across an 8-foot-long alligator taking a dip in the backyard pool of the Bradenton home she shares with her husband, John, MySuncoast reports.

"I saw something that is not usually in the pool along with the little floaty, and it turned out to be an eight-foot alligator,” Sharon told the TV station.

Her first thought when she saw the gator: “Can I get back to the door without it seeing me or realizing I'm bait?”

She managed to go back in the house unharmed and wake up her husband John to tell him the shocking news.

"He was just swimming around in circles. ... I think he was a little intimidated with everybody watching too," John said.

A trapper later removed the creature who was taken to a gator farm in Arcadia.

"And it turns out we just had a few screens that needed repairing and it is a great story, it is a fun story and hopefully it just won't happen again," Sharon says.

"It was quite an evening," John told ABC. "I'm sure there's other alligators. I'm sure I'm going to be sleeping with my - with at least one eye open for awhile."

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(Photo Credit: Sharon and John Bente/MySuncoast.com)

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