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Florida Couple Unwittingly Carries 11 Pounds Of Marijuana Home From Louisiana

A Florida couple discovered 11 pounds of marijuana stashed in suitcases after a 900-mile journey to Louisiana.

The unidentified couple from Key Largo called the local sheriff’s office when they returned home and discovered two mysterious suitcases full of cannabis.

“This could have been really bad,” said Monroe County Sheriff Sgt. Al Ramirez in a statement. “These people were traveling all over with this stuff in their truck. If they had been pulled over with it, they could have wound up in jail and their truck may have been seized.”

In July a housekeeper for the couple’s rental property in Slidell, La., informed them that a UPS package have arrived at their home.

The 54-year-old husband, knowing it wasn’t for them, told the cleaning lady to return the package. She did, but it was later shipped back. She put it inside the house.

The couple took a trip to inspect their rental properties and discovered the box was still there. Inside were two, locked suitcases. They assumed it was lost luggage returned to the wrong address. They tossed them in their truck and planned to find a way to open them at home.

In Florida, they cut off the locks and found two, sealed bags of containing 11 pounds of marijuana.

Ramirez said the drugs were confiscated and will be destroyed.

Sources: NY Daily News, KeysNet


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