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Florida Police: Four Kids Left In Car With Access To Handgun, Couple Arrested

A Florida couple was arrested Sunday after police say they left four kids in their car with access to a handgun while they went to shop at Walmart.

Johnathan Lee Curley, 33, and Danielle Bright, 26, were both arrested and charged with child neglect and storing a firearm in an unsafe manner on Sunday, NBC Miami reported.

The couple reportedly traveled from Gainesville to Miami on Saturday with their nine children to get married. On Sunday, they took three of their children and their niece to Walmart, but left the children in the car. 

A police officer saw the children in the car and then found a handgun inside a holster in the vehicle. When confronted, Curley told the officer that he did not know there was a gun in the car before he went back inside the Walmart for 10 minutes, leaving the children with Bright.

Bright told the officer that she just went inside to use the restroom, but that was quickly disproved by surveillance footage that shows the couple shopping for over 30 minutes.

The children were unharmed.

Curley and Bright appeared in court on Tuesday; Bright's bail has been set at $4,5000, and Curley's bail has been set at $2,500.

Sources: NBC Miami, Palm Beach Post

Photo Credit: Miami-Dade Sheriff's Office


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