Florida Pair Allegedly Held Woman For Nearly A Week, Raped Her


An unidentified 33-year-old woman was allegedly held against her will by Brandon Forbes, 34, who is accused of inviting her to his home in Miami, Florida, on Jan. 16 and then holding her captive for five days. Raiza Rosado, 23, who lives with Forbes, is also accused of holding the woman hostage.

When the victim initially tried to leave the home, Forbes  "aggressively told her not to leave,” according to a police report obtained by WTVJ. The alleged victim was then tied up and the following day and Forbes reportedly attempted to rape her while Rosado was asleep.

The report also says Forbes stopped the sexual assault when the condom broke and he told Rosado about the incident, which led to an argument between them, resulting in the pair attacking the victim.

On a different occasion, Forbes also allegedly forced the victim to perform oral sex on him before raping her. The victim believed Forbes was armed and when the police went to the home. Officers reportedly found a firearm thrown out of a window.

The victim was able to get away when Rosado brought her to a train station on Jan. 22 and she was able to contact the police. Her alleged kidnappers were apprehended that same day when Rosado herself called the police and said Forbes held the woman hostage, had “relations” with her and beat her.

According to WFLA, Forbes was arrested on Jan. 23 on two counts of sexual battery, battery and false imprisonment. Rosado was arrested later and charged with kidnapping and inflicting bodily harm and kidnapping.

Sources: WTVJ, WFLA / Photo credit: Broward County Jail via WFLA

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