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Couple Reportedly Locked Kids In Closet, Starved Them In Disturbing Child Neglect Case (Video)

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A 17-year-old Florida boy told police he was forced to sit inside a closet for days at a time surrounded by his own waste and starved for food his entire life.

Riviera Beach police were alerted of the alleged abuse after the boy was brought to the police department on Sunday. He claimed that Sabrina Golden-Hazel and Quincy Hazel Sr. would lock him and a 12-year-old girl in a closet, denying them food and forcing them to go to the bathroom in a bucket. The boy claimed he had never been to school or seen a doctor, which police suspect is true since most of his teeth are missing or rotting.

It’s unclear if Golden-Hazel and Hazel are the parents of the two children.

The boy had managed to escape and lived on the street for about a month until a 19-year-old woman took him in.

According to an interview with the boy, Golden-Hazel began locking the boy and girl in a closet when they were young. They would often lose track of time while in the closet, since they couldn’t see sunlight and never knew how much time had passed. Sometimes, a person in the house would feed them rice and neck bones, though the boy reported that he was constantly hungry. He would often dig through the garbage, but get sick eating from it.

Hazel reportedly beat the boy with an extension cord.

The girl was also interviewed by police and initially claimed to have gone to school and seen doctors. However, she broke under pressure and began to cry, finally admitting that she had never done either of those things.

Police found no record that either child had ever attended a Palm Beach County school.

In an interview, Golden-Hazel told officers the children had made up the story. She claimed to have home-schooled them, though there were no books of any kind indicating the truth of her statement. When asked why she had never brought the children to a doctor, she replied that they never wanted to see one.

Golden-Hazel and Hazel were both charged with neglect of a child causing great bodily harm. They are currently in Palm Beach County Jail on $100,000 bail.

Sources: The Sun Sentinel, ABC News

Photo Credit: ABC News


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