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Florida Couple Arrested For Sex In Public

A Florida couple has been detained on misdemeanor charges after they were caught having sex in public.

The incident occurred on Dec. 7 in St. Petersburg and involved 26-year-old Ashley Wetzel and 50-year-old Henry Niblack, the Smoking Gun reports.

A police officer reporting on the incident said the pair was having sex “in view of patrons walking by on the sidewalk."

The police did not allege that the sexual activity was of a commercial nature.

The officer added that he “observed Niblack behind Wetzel, throwing his hips back and forth.”

Authorities released Niblack the following day on Dec. 8, but Wetzel remained in jail because of an unrelated theft charge on a bond of $650.

In a separate incident, Dionne Lightfoot and William Ireland from Wallsend in the UK were given a caution after being caught on CCTV at a train station performing sex acts, the Daily Mirror reports. The incident took place in June.

The pair had been scheduled to go on trial, but the charges were dropped.

“Both defendants have admitted guilt, but in a different way,” attorney Rachel Hedworth said in court.

Sources: Smoking Gun, Daily Mirror / Photo credit: Google via Daily Mail

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