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Florida Couple Accused Of Leaving Their Baby Outside A Bar To Do Shots

A Florida couple faces charges after allegedly leaving their 3-month-old son outside a bar Tuesday while they got drunk inside.

The Daily Mail reports that 28-year-old Antonio Nieves and his fiancée, 27-year-old Amy Schafer, have been charged with child neglect without great bodily harm, and Nieves faces an additional charge of domestic battery after reportedly punching Schafer in the face.

At approximately 1:30 a.m., the couple brought their baby with them to O’Malleys Sports Bar in Margate, Florida, according to a police report; however, the manager informed them that the boy could not stay, since it is against the law, so they allegedly left him outside the bar on the sidewalk, inside his car carrier.

Schafer allegedly checked on her young son every five minutes before going back inside to do shots with Nieves. Another patron, she said, was also helping her monitor the baby.

Later that night, somebody called the police, saying that a man was trying to get into their house. Local 10 reports that police responded and found Nieves standing outside the house, where he did not live, holding his baby and trying to unlock the door with keys that did not match.

Nieves reportedly had gashes and bruises on his head and bloodshot eyes, and he smelled of alcohol. He told officers that he had sustained the injuries after falling down.

Schafer, who showed the same indications that she had been drinking, was waiting for him in the car. Police saw multiple injuries on her face. At this point, she told an officer that Nieves had punched her three times or more.

Schafer reportedly told the officers that they had left their child outside O’Malleys earlier, and checked on him between rounds of shots.

A Child Protective Services investigator took the baby into custody.

CPS has a previous case still open with the couple, according to police, although they did not reveal any further details.

Schafer and Nieves reportedly have additional children from previous relationships.

Sources: Daily Mail, Local 10
Photo Credit: Debs/Flickr


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