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Voters Fight At Polls In South Florida

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Altercations in and around voting locations have been reported in South Florida on Election Day.

In Jupiter, Florida, located about 90 miles north of Miami, a man and a woman got into a fight outside a polling location.

“Campaign people were approaching people walking into the building, I don’t know if he got too close to her or not,” voter Dave Mareiniss, told WPBF.

Voter Tom Garrecht, a Democrat, said he got into an altercation with Donna Tatlici, a Republican, as he left the polling location.

“She’s talking to somebody else and says, ‘That’s a little man. Yeah. That’s a little man,’ and a derogatory term that I will won’t repeat on TV,” said Garrecht.

“He then turns around and saw me and came charging at me,” said Tatlici.

“And [she] sprayed me with pepper spray. At the point I went after her and knocked everything out (of) her hands,” said Garrecht.

“He then threw me down and started punching me,” said Tatlici.

WPBF reported no arrests were made as a result of the incident.

Police were also called to the Herb Skolknick Community Center in Pompano Beach, Florida, located about one hour south of Jupiter, when the two precinct clerks, one Democrat and one Republican, got into a dispute after voters complained of being harassed, reported NBC 6.

Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes fired both clerks after hearing about the incident.

Details of the alleged intimidation or what the dispute was has not yet been reported. But the Republican in the incident, David Booth, told NBC 6 that there were allegations poll watchers went too far and ended up intimidating voters. 

Sources: NBC 6, WPBF/ Photo Credit: Howard Cohen/Miami Herald

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