Florida County Posts Signs In Front of Sexual Predators' Houses Warning Neighbors


A county in Florida is taking sexual predator warnings to another level by posting road signs outside of convicted rapists and child molesters' homes to tell the public of their criminal pasts.

Bradford County, Fla. police say the signs cost just $10 and many community members have expressed approval of them.

It reads: "PUBLIC NOTICE, (Insert Name Here) is a convicted sexual predator and lives at this location."

Sheriff Gordon Smith said it hopefully will ward off children and notify parents of convicts in their neighborhoods.

"If it prevents one more victim in my community, I've done my job as sheriff," he said.

There have been 18 signs put up so far.

According to Captain Brad Smith, Florida requires police departments to keep community members informed of sexual predators moving into their community.

When a sexual predator moves into a neighborhood, police send out notifications on Facebook and also go door-to-door to notify neighbors. 

But if a person moves into the neighborhood after a predator, they might not ever know the convict lives by them. The notification signs are a way to make sure all people in the neighborhood know of the person's sexual predator status.

Some have worried that the road signs might result in neighbors harassing the sex offenders, but police don't believe that will happen.

"We don't expect that to happen, and if it does, we will do everything in our power to protect the person's rights," Capt. Smith said.

Even the sex offenders are onboard for the signs.

John Goodman, a convicted sexual predator, said he has no problem with them.

"I've done learned my lesson," he said. "I don't do things like that anymore."

Sources: Daily Mail, Newser


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