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White Florida Deputies Caught On Video Beating Black Man (Video)

Surveillance video (below) of Marion County Sheriff's deputies beating Derrick Price on Aug. 7, 2014 in Ocala, Florida, has surfaced.

"The abusive and unprofessional actions they displayed shocked me to my core," Marion County Sheriff Chris Blair said in a statement, notes Reuters.

Blair added that he called for the deputies to be fired after "absolutely no hesitation" once he'd seen the video.

In the video, Price runs into a parking lot, puts his hands in the air and drops face down onto the concrete.

The first deputy appears to pull Price's arms behind his back in an effort to handcuff him, but moments later other deputies arrive, and the punching, kneeing and kicking begins. There is no audio accompanying the video.

According to Marion County Sheriff's officials, Price was running away from the deputies who were attempting to arrest him on a drug-related warrant. Price was bloodied from the beating.

A federal grand jury indicted former Marion County sheriff's deputy Jesse Terrell on Jan. 26 for depriving Price of his civil rights by using excessive force during the arrest.

“Jesse is not guilty," Charles Holloman, Terrell's attorney, said. "He is not guilty of anything,”

The Ocala Post reports that the indictment says Terrell “repeatedly struck, kicked, and kneed Price in the head, neck, and shoulder area, causing bodily injury.”

The former deputies who have previously pleaded guilty include: Trevor Wade Fitzgerald, James Louis Amidei, Adam Crawford and Cody Hoppel.

One of the deputies did not participate in the actual beating, but watched and did not try to stop it. However, he was still charged and pleaded guilty.

Sources: Ocala Post, Reuters / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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