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Florida Cop Slams Drunk Woman To The Ground (Video)

Brittnie Fails, a young Florida woman, has admitted to being drunk on the evening of March 13, but believes that a police officer used excessive force when he slammed her to the ground in Cape Coral (video below).

A cellphone video posted on Facebook by Daniel Wirka shows Fails acting belligerent with her unidentified boyfriend.

Wirka wrote: "She's definitely out of line but doesn't justify the officer throwing her like that."

In the video, Fails drops the F-bomb repeatedly while demanding her cigarettes and keys from her boyfriend, who refuses to hand them over. Fails pushes her boyfriend, who insists she needs a taxi.

The officers arrive on the scene, and tell the boyfriend to get away from Fails. One officer comes up behind her and slams the young woman hard onto the ground.

The officer states, "Get her up, she's sitting there faking."

When bystanders object to his actions, the officer responds, "We were right there, you could have helped."

"She's out, dude," a bystander states.

"She's not out, she's playing games, " the officer responds.

The officer then accuses Wirka of trying to hurt and embarrass Fails by filming the incident for public viewing.

Bystanders yell at the police for throwing Fails, and the cops threaten them with arrest.

"The next thing I know I'm the ground, opening my eyes" Fails told NBC 2. "I don't remember anybody saying anything."

"I wanted my keys, I was demanding my keys," Fails recalled. "I was a little drunk so I was  pushing him lightly."

"If there's anything that makes me mad about the whole entire video it's not even being thrown on the ground, it's how he just nonchalantly like, 'Oh my God, get over it, you're faking it,'" Fails added.

Fails spent a night in jail, posted her bail bond in the morning and filed a complaint against the officer in the video.

The Cape Coral Police Department is investigating the incident, and has placed the officer on administrative duty until the conclusion of the investigation.

Sources: NBC 2, Facebook / Photo credit: Daniel Wirka via YouTube

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