Florida Cop May Have Bragged About Tasing Man Who Later Died (Video)


The Key West Police Department has reportedly disciplined two officers involved in the arrest of Charles Eimers who was in their custody when he became unconscious.

Keysnet.com notes an internal investigation that identifies the officers as Gary Lee Lovette and Henry del Valle.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement released a report in August that quoted Officer Lovette as saying, "I dropped like a f----- bomb on his [Eimers'] head."

Officer Lovette's comments were recorded on a video (below) recording via his Taser on Nov. 28, 2013. The video is distorted, so it is difficult to make out exactly what Officer Lovett said.

According to TheFreeThoughtProject.com, Officer Lovette says on the video, "Listen. I tased a motherf----- in custody today. I don’t care. I already called my PBA rep.”

Officer Lovette was also punished for statements to co-workers and family members “that were lies and exaggerations concerning his actions during the Eimers incident,” but the review wouldn't say exactly what those "lies and exaggerations" were.

Officer Lovette was suspended for five days, while Officer del Valle was reprimanded for "an unauthorized vehicle pursuit" of Eimers, and not using his sirens and lights during the chase.

"These policy violations had absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Eimers' death," said Key West Police Chief Donie Lee.

Eimers was reportedly pulled over by police for a traffic stop, but drove off and took police a nine-minute chase until his car drove on a beach.

According to TheBluePaper.com in December 2013, Officer Lovett wrote in his police report, "Eimers exited the car and began actively fighting.”

However, a video (below) filmed by a witness shows Eimers getting out of his car and laying down on the sand as the police approach. The officers claimed they didn't use a Taser on Eimers, but witnesses said they did.

“They tased him in the neck,” an unidentified witness told TheBluePaper.com. "Then they rolled him over and started compression.”

“I was about 30 feet away,” stated another witness. “I saw him [a police officer] taser him [Eimers].He didn’t lift the Taser from his chest. I could see his legs jerking when they were tasing him ... it lasted a good 6 minutes ... The female cop was not involved in all that.”

A New York police officer who witnessed the incident claimed it was excessive force and stated, “I have never seen this done to an elderly man…”

In November 2014, another witness video (below) surfaced, noted TheBluePaper.com.

The video shows police surrounding Eimers who appears to be moving on the sand. As the witness gets closer, Eimers stops moving and his face turns blue. Police then start CPR until an ambulance arrives.

Eimers died in a hospital on Dec. 4, 2013.

The officers were not charged with any crimes by a grand jury, however, Eimers' family is suing the City of Key West and and 12 police officers for wrongful death.

Sources: Keysnet.com, TheBluePaper.com, TheFreeThoughtProject.com


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