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Florida Cop Fired More Than A Year After Rupturing Handcuffed Man's Spleen In Jail Cell (Video)

Orlando, Florida, Police Officers Peter Delio and William Faulkner were terminated from their jobs on Sept. 30, more than a year after Delio was caught on video (below) kneeing Robert Liese so hard that his spleen ruptured on Aug. 12, 2014.

Faulkner and Delio did not call paramedics for nearly two hours while Liese laid in a second jail cell bleeding internally and begging for medical help, noted WFTV, which obtained the video in February 2015.

According to police documents, Faulkner told investigators that Liese didn't request medical care, reports News 13.

When paramedics did arrive they were reportedly given false information about Liese's pain by officers. Liese was rushed into emergency surgery and did survive. He was originally taken to jail for allegedly not paying his bar tab.

William Ruffier, Liese's lawyer who is suing the police department, told the Orlando Sentinel that Police Chief John Mina stated in a deposition recently that he didn't believe Delio assaulted Liese.

Mina didn't address his apparent contradiction, but stated in an email, "Bottom line, Delio has been charged criminally and he and Faulkner were both terminated."

However, after the original investigation by the Orlando Police Department, Delio was not charged with any crimes; he was only suspended for a week in December 2014.

An investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement resulted in a felony battery charge against Delio in March 2015.

After that criminal charge, a second investigation by the Orlando Police Department started in April 2015 and eventually determined that Delio and Faulkner violated the prisoner policy, more than a year after the incident.

Sources: Orlando Sentinel, WFTV, News 13 / Photo Credit: WFTV Screenshot


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