Florida Cop Fatally Shoots Man, Doesn't Render Aid? (Video)


A disturbing video (below) surfaced on June 4 of the aftermath of a police-involved shooting in Tarpon Springs, Florida, on May 6.

Rebecca Landon Schnell, the fiancee of Nicholas Provenza, who was fatally shot by police, filmed the video and posted it on Facebook with a caption:

The cop in the video is SCOTT MACISAAC and he receives pats on the back of comfort while Nicholas Anthony Provenza lies on the ground after being shot 3 times with no one coming to his rescue. Macisaac is panicking and pacing around his body shouting profanities.

SARGENT MICHAEL TRILL was said to have been shouting "he had a knife" louder than anyone. I sense planted evidence and fall back.

Let's address this: Copsliesandcoverups.com/operationsongbird.pdf (Note: Link goes to a prior investigation of Trill by the FDLE)

MacIsaac reported Nicholas having a knife and ran at them with it yet the witnesses report no knife was ever witnessed. Witnesses also say that while he was on the ground MacIsaac kicked his hands to only find sunglasses.

It's not clear if Provenza was dead when Schnell filmed, which might explain why none of the police officers rendered aid. It appears that an unidentified cop is seen at the beginning of the video yelling, "Make way!" and there appears to be another cop telling people to put away their cell phones.

Tarpon Springs Chief of Police Robert Kochen told the media: "It is to be noted that the weapon used by [Provenza] was recovered and was entered into evidence as part of the investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)," notes WTVT.

According to police, Provenza was accused of acting suspiciously at a charity car show, gave Macissac a fake name, came at Macissac with a knife and was fatally shot by Macissac.

However, some are saying the 25-year-old was not armed with a knife.

Macisaac has been placed on administrative leave with pay while the FDLE investigates the incident.

Schnell told WTVT: "His soul was beautiful, pure. There's not another Nicholas Anthony Provenza on this earth, and it's a damn shame that his life was ripped away from him like that."

She accused the police of murder on Facebook:

Sharing this for the people that want to deny the facts. Sharing this because this is the reality you live in. Police state is here and on the rise. Sharing this because this is undeniably murder. Sharing this because I'm lifting this veil and exposing this fascist, testosterone pumped autocratic brotherhood for what they are.

WTVT News Report

Warning: Disturbing Video

Sources: Rebecca Landon Schnell/Facebook, WTVT / Photo credit: Walter/Flickr

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