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Florida Cop Charged With Misdemeanor After Arguing With Disabled Vet Over Parking Spot (Video)


A police officer in Florida recently got into a fiery argument with an injured combat veteran, and he is now reportedly facing misdemeanor charges (video below).

Leaked footage (below) shows that on Aug. 11, Sgt. Garry Wilson confronted Isiah James, an Army veteran, over a handicapped parking space, NY Daily News reports.

The sergeant shouted at the veteran for parking in the handicapped space, saying that he did not believe James was handicapped because he saw him walk into a Riviera Beach Walgreens store.

The veteran was filming the heated encounter the whole time.

Angry, James shouted that it was not for the officer to “decide” whether or not he was disabled.

At the beginning of the video, James says: "The cop right here is saying I'm not disabled and I don't look disabled. I'm a god damn disabled veteran that served my country for almost 10 years."

The vet adds that he was in a coma for two months due to being "blown up for my country" by an IED.

James tells Wilson to check his plates before the officer smacks the vet’s phone out of his hand.

"Move the camera out of my face," Wilson screams.

The officer eventually runs James’ plates while the vet requests passersby to “call another police officer,” causing a scene, according to the YouTube video posted by James.

Wilson will be arraigned on battery and criminal mischief charges on Dec. 2, according to the Palm Beach Post.

“The cop didn’t even take time to look at my handicapped placard,” James told the Sun Sentinel after the incident.

"It's sad that he decided to assault me because, in his mind, because I can take 10 steps, I must not be handicapped," he added.

After Wilson self-reported the case to his superiors in August, the 20-year member of the police department was put on administrative leave.

James served in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2006 and 2011, serving three tours with the Army. He has trouble walking long distances due to the braces on both his legs and has sustained a distressing brain injury.

Sources: NY Daily News, Palm Beach Post, Sun Sentinel, Isiah James/YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

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