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Florida Cop Caught On Video Kicking Man Lying On Ground (Video)

A newly surfaced video shows Noel Carter having a stun gun used on him and being kicked repeatedly by police in Orlando, Florida. The incident happened on June 4.

The video (below) was filmed by an unidentified female witness from her apartment balcony across the street.

In the video, Carter is lying on the ground where he is repeatedly kicked by one police officer, and then a second officer uses a stun gun on him. The first officer yells at Carter to get on his stomach.

“For him to get tasered and kicked that many times, I just don't think it was right at all, it wasn't. I do feel it was really excessive," the female witness told WESH.

Orlando Police Department says Carter was charged with domestic battery, resisting arrest and battery on a law enforcement officer.

Police claim they saw Carter grab his ex-girlfriend while she was trying to walk away, and that Carter ignored police commands.

WESH 2 legal analyst Alisia Adamson stated:

"You see two officers, not one, so, I don't see how that person would be of any threat. I didn't see the person on the ground's arms in the air. I didn't him putting up any signs of violence. Not only am I not seeing any signs of resistance from the person on the ground, I'm seeing him complying with the orders from the officers."

The Orlando Sentinel identified the two officers at the scene as David Cruz and Charles Mays.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina says both officers will stay on active duty while the video is being reviewed.

Cruz wrote on his police report that Carter "physically resisted" police demands and battered Mays, but the video appears to show Carter complying and being battered.

"Officer Mays and I used force in order to counter Carter's resistance and to arrest him," Cruz added.

Sources: WESH, Orlando Sentinel
Image Credit: Bull-Doser/Wikimedia Commons


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