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Florida Cop Caught On Camera Stealing Watch From Crime Scene Charged (Video)

A Florida police officer was arrested and charged this week after he was caught on surveillance video stealing an $800 watch from the scene of a burglary earlier this year.

The Pembroke Pines Police Department released a new video allegedly showing Officer Kevin Burgs, 37, stealing a watch from a Jared jewelry store on Feb. 5.

Burgs was put on paid leave during an investigation into the incident. He is now charged with grand theft.

Suspects broke into the store on Pines Boulevard through the ceiling and stole an estimated $75,000 worth of jewelry. They fled the scene before police arrived.

In the video below, Burgs can be seen walking through the store and picking up his gun, which is leaning against a counter. Investigators say that's when he spotted a watch inside a glass case; when he left the store the watch was gone.

According to investigators the watch was later found in Burgs’ police cruiser.

Burgs was suspended without pay.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge and a hearing is scheduled on July 17.

Sources: WSVN, WPLG


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