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Florida Cop Accused Of Receiving Illegal Massage (Video)

Coconut Creek, Florida, Police Officer James Yacobellis lost his job after a surveillance video purportedly showed him getting an illegal massage.

The video (below), obtained by the Sun Sentinel, shows a male laying on a massage table with a female massaging and straddling him. The lights are later dimmed, and the woman allegedly masturbated the man.

The June 2, 2014, video was shot by hidden cameras that had been placed inside the O Asian Wellness Spa and Massage parlor by police in Boca Raton, Florida.

Yacobellis admitted that he was the man in the video, claiming he didn't ask for the sex act but didn't try to stop the woman either.

"Um, call me naïve or stupid, but I, I actually thought she genuinely liked me," Yacobellis told investigators. "She kissed me."

Yacobellis was fired by Coconut Creek Police Chief Michael Mann in November 2014 and charged with buying sex services from a prostitute; however, he avoided being convicted by agreeing to attend a special program.

Yacobellis is now trying to get his job back and will attend an arbitration hearing in May.

"The reality is the video doesn't show what they're claiming it shows; it doesn't show anything as to what takes place," Yacobellis' attorney, Michael Braverman, said. "Yes, Mr. Yacobellis admitted to the misconduct, he said that he made the mistake, but it is what it is ... He'll have his day for arbitration."

According to The Free Thought Project, Yacobellis was previously accused of other misdeeds, but was paid his $90,000 annual salary for 16 months while on leave during several investigations.

Those incidents allegedly included lying about a marijuana arrest, using a Taser to torment an unidentified suspect, and taking lunch breaks that went on for three hours.

Sources: Sun Sentinel, The Free Thought Project / Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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