Florida Car Dealership Gives Woman Refund In Pennies


A woman who returned a car to a used car dealership in Florida says the dealer gave her a refund in change – mostly pennies.

Irena Mujakovic, an international college student, bought a 2003 Saab from Holiday Motors in Jacksonville in January.

"It had transmission problems," she told First Coast News. "The message said gearbox malfunction."

The dealer repaired the vehicle and gave her a warranty, but the problems persisted.

"First time, I paid $300. Second time, they asked me $400, saying how the warranty doesn't cover labor," she said. "I thought it unfair because nobody said that to me."

"That's actually money that I borrowed to pay them because I don't have it; my tuition is very expensive," she added.

Mujakovic filed a complaint with the Department of Motor Vehicles. After a DMV investigation, they ordered the dealer to issue her a refund.

Ed Di Miranda, who runs the dealership, admits he forgot to write the warranty exception on her paperwork.

"The warranty did not cover labor, and I failed to write that in, and that was her loophole, " he said.

Mujakovic says when she picked up the refund this week, the dealer gave her two bags of coins and some dollar bills.

"There were some $1 bills but mostly pennies, like two full bags," she said. "I'm so mad with them."

First Coast asked Di Miranda if the coins were retaliation for her complaint.

"I am doing what DMV asked me to do," he said "It is legal tender."

The total amount of the refund is unclear. He said he gave her $85 in coins and the rest in dollar bills.

Sources: First Coast News, WTSP

Image credit: Roman Oleinik


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