Florida Boy Surprised By Basketball Game With Police Officer (Video)

Ten-year-old Florida boy Joseph Cantres was pleasantly surprised on Sunday when a police officer challenged him to a game of basketball.

“He said, ‘You played basketball with a cop?’ I said ‘Yeah’ and he said ‘Oh, that’s cool’ and I’m like ‘Yeah, it is cool,’” Cantres said.

According to Cantres’ father, Jose, the young boy was quite taken aback when the Orlando officer offered to play a game.

The Cantres family captured the entire event in images. In one photo, the officer is seen mid-jump as he plays a game of horse in full uniform. After the game, the family uploaded the pictures to Facebook, which were well received.

Mr. Cantres noted that the positive encounter has changed his son’s view of law enforcement. He added that the event reminded him that not all law enforcers are bad.

“Out of the bad stuff that’s happening in the world he actually took his time and stopped doing his job and played with me and I thought that that was cool,” Cantres said. “Everybody thought it was cool.”

Cantres admitted that while he lost the game to the officer, he can’t wait to play again. Next times, Cantres is determined to win.

Sources: Fox News, Orlando Sentinel / Photo Credit: Fox News 


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