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Teen Falls To Death From Snow-Covered Water Slide

A Florida teenager died Dec. 21 after falling off an outdoor water slide at Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park in Wisconsin.

The 16-year-old, whose identity has not been released, snuck into the park with his brother and a friend around 10:30 p.m., according to WISC. The park is closed for the season and was fenced off.

"They actually approached a 7-foot-tall fence that was securely locked and scaled that fence to enter the area that was closed and restricted," Lake Delton police Chief Daniel Hardman explained.

The teens then climbed to the top of the snow-covered water slide carrying their sleds.

"Two of the three realized this is really dangerous and said to the one brother, 'Don't do it,'" Hardman told WTMJ.

But the boy didn’t heed their warning. He went down the slide, getting stuck in the snow at about the midway point. As he attempted to free himself he fell off the slide to his death.

The drop was about 35 feet, reports WISC.

"Our paramedics did the best that they could do, but his injuries were fatal," Hardman said.

The victim and his family were staying at the theme park's hotel on vacation.

"The family was visiting from Florida, never been to the snow," Hardman told WTMJ. "So they came up to have that experience."

The resort's owner, Nick Laskaris, said the security gates and fences are designed to keep people out of restricted areas, and that he doesn't see how they could have done anything more to prevent the tragedy, according to WISC.

Sources: WISC, WTMJ / Photo credit: Jeremy Thompson/Flickr

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