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Florida-Born Suicide Bomber Tells Obama "We Are Coming For You" (Video)

An American suicide bomber who carried out a May terrorist attack in Syria is shown threatening President Barack Obama and ripping up his American passport in a video released Friday.

The 31 minutes of footage, which were reportedly sent out by fighters associated with Al Qaeda in Syria, allegedly shows Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, 22, telling America that “We are coming for you,” according to the NY Daily News.

The Florida-born man allegedly chewed parts of his passport in the video before he set it on fire. He is most known for driving a 16 tons of explosives toward a restaurant in Syria where troops were gathered, causing an undetermined number of deaths at the site.

"We are coming for you, mark my words," he said to Obama in the footage. "You think you've won? You have never won. You will never defeat Islam. You are nothing but a donkey. You're just a pig."

Abu-Salha allegedly holds a gun in the video while describing America’s downfall.

"Know that Islam is coming and will dominate over you," he said. "We will come with AKs. We will come with our bombs. We have small weapons, but we will take you down. We have hearts of lions. You are scared of death, while we love death."

The man in the video also tells how he was always unhappy living in the United States and how he hates the country.

"I lived in America. I know how it is,” he says in the film. “You have all the fancy amusement parks and the restaurants and the food and all this crap and the cars. You think you're happy. You're not happy. You're never happy. I was never happy. I was always sad and depressed. Life sucked."

Growing up in Florida, Abu-Salha was reportedly part of a family that owned a few grocery stores in the state. In 2007, he also played basketball with a team from Vero Beach.

Source: NY Daily News, Image Credit: NY Daily News


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