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Florida Authorities Remain Clueless About LSD-Laced Beefsteaks After Family Reports Hallucinations

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A Connecticut family who hallucinated after unknowingly consuming LSD-laced beefsteaks is no closer to finding out how the meat was contaminated, despite an eight-month long investigation into the Walmart-bought product.

Ronnie Morales and his pregnant girlfriend Jessica Rosado, along with her two daughters, were traveling in Florida to decide if they wanted to move to the Sunshine state when they began feeling dizzy after dinner one night. They also reported seeing random colors and shapes in the air, in addition to their heart rates severely rising.

Rosado was taken to St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital and underwent a C-section to deliver her baby. Morales and Rosado’s two daughters were also sent to the hospital.

Despite the fact that the incident occurred in March, police say they still have no answers regarding the contamination of the meat. Investigators originally traced the beef back to the agricultural giant Cargill in Georgia, though no one at the slaughterhouse reported noticing any tampering with the product. From the slaughterhouse, the product traveled in a sealed container to a distribution facility.

Though two men were captured at a Walmart store near the case where the beefsteaks were selected, police later cleared the suspects. Rosado and Morales were also cleared by authorities after USDA and FDA agents found no evidence that the parents had drugged their children.

Authorities have since closed the investigation.

“It’s a mystery,” Tampa police spokesperson Andrea Davis said. “And it will probably always remain a mystery.”

The family has since recovered.

Sources: NY Daily News, Consumerist / Photo Credit: IB Times, Flickr


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