Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Challenges Medical Marijuana Proposal


The attorney general for the state of Florida is contesting a proposal to allow medical marijuana use in the state.

Pam Bondi contends the proposal from People United for Medical Marijuana is misleading the public and is presented in a way that does not convey its “true meaning and ramifications,” according to a Miami Herald blog entry.

Bondi criticized the proposed amendment in a filing she made Thursday to the Florida Supreme Court, according to ABC Action News. The Supreme Court could toss the amendment out if it agrees with Bondi.

Bondi reportedly stated that if the amendment passes, “Florida law would allow marijuana in limitless situations” and she also wrote that the amendment would call for the legal use of medical marijuana even though federal law still prohibits it.

“The proposal at issue falls short because it misleads regarding both the amendment’s scope and its conflict with existing federal law,” Bondi wrote in her letter to the state Supreme Court, reported WCTV.

Attorney John Morgan, who leads People United for Medical Marijuana, noted that if the state legalized medical marijuana, the governor and legislature would still oversee licensing and regulations. He said the proposal, being circulated in a statewide petition drive, includes language the public wants.

“The Republican party in the state of Florida is petrified about this amendment because they know that 77 percent of Florida wants it,” Morgan stated.

People United for Medical Marijuana needs to gather nearly 700,000 signatures in order to make the 2014 ballot. It reportedly has collected at least 200,000 signatures so far.

Sources: ABC Action News, Miami Herald, WCTV


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