Florida Atlantic University Student Denied Laptop Because He's Gay (Video)


Florida Atlantic University (FAU) senior Abdul Asquith claims that he was not allowed to rent a laptop from the Boca Raton, Fla. college because he is a homosexual.

Asquith told WPTV that a school librarian informed him last Wednesday that his ID did not match his looks or voice (video below).

The librarian thought Asquith was a girl based on those two things, she told him.

"It looks just like me. I identify with my ID. I wasn’t there dressed up. I didn’t have on dress. I wasn’t dressed in character," said Asquith.

Asquith admitted that he sometimes wears feminine clothes, but this time was wearing shorts and a FAU hoodie with his hair pulled back.

He was finally able to rent a laptop, but only after he asked three different librarians.

Sources: WPTV and Towleroad.com.


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