Florida Arsonist Accidentally Sets Himself on Fire


Florida resident Arthur Avery has been named as the suspect in a recent case of arson committed at the Spanish Villa apartment complex in South Daytona, Florida.

"It looked like hell just exploded," resident Lonna Sampson said of the fire. "Someone could have burned us all, all of us to death," she later stated in the same interview with local news outlet News 13.

Kathy Bailey, a resident of the Spanish Villa apartments, spoke with News 13 about the events she witnessed.

According to her account, the suspect, who has since been identified by police as Arthur Avery, was looking for a man named Ted. Bailey told the man she did not know of anyone by that name and that Ted did not live there, but this did not calm the man.

"He just started splashing the gasoline on [my door]. And I said 'My granddaughter's in there.' And he said 'You better get her.' So I ran in and my other girlfriend who came in from out of town said 'There's a child in there.' He said 'I don't give a damn.' I grabbed [my granddaughter] and went out the back door. I was just praying he didn't light that fire before I could get out of there," said Bailey of the horrific incident.

The fire damaged multiple apartments before local firemen arrived at the scene to put it out. During the incident, however, detectives claim that the arsonist himself was lit ablaze.

According to forensic investigators, the man rolled on the floor, putting out the fire. While rolling around, the man dropped his wallet and keys, which police later found on the scene.

According to News 13, "Detectives say Avery was driven by friends to a hospital in St. John's county but was transferred to Shand's hospital where he is being treated for his burns."

He is expected to be prosecuted following a recovery.

Source: News 13


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